Peter: What happened to your face?
Francis: I only remember certain details, but from what I’ve been able to reconstruct it was raining, I was going about 50 miles an hour as I went into a corner, did some wrong steering, wheels went out from me, I suddenly — skidded off the road, slammed into a ditch and got catapulted 50 feet through the air. There were little particles of glass and debris was stinging my face as I flew and for a second there was this total silence then BAM, crashed to the ground, exploded and caught on fire and I smashed into the side of a hill with my face. I was driving home, I live alone right now. Anyway, two joggers ran up and started digging out all the dirt that jammed inside my mouth and my nose and my ears. My brain had stopped, my heart had stopped so technically I was dead at this point. They did all the procedures exactly right as a result of which I’m still alive.
Jack: Boy.
Peter: Wow.

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